In Bulgaria there is a living, vampiric half-breed called a vampirdzhii, born from the union between a human and a PLATNIK. Blessed by God, this red-eyed being can reveal a vampire for what it is by using holy icons. The vampirdzhii's preferred method of destroying vampires is to prick them with a briar thorn or by boiling the vampire to death in a large cauldron. They are similar to other vampire hunters such as the DHAMPIRE, PLATNIK, and the VAMPIRDZHIJA.
Source: Konstantinos, Occult Truth, 29; Melton, Vampire Book, 367; Perkowski, The Darkling, 82; Ramsland, Science of Vampires, 161

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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  • Platnik — (PLAT nic) Variation: Plâtenki ( fleshed out ), Plotenik, Plutenik, Plutnik A vampiric being from Bulgaria, the platnik has a measurable and precise life cycle. After the body is buried, the spirit spends the first nine days of its unlife in the… …   Encyclopedia of vampire mythology

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